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Ray guns on Little Resistance

In the mission “Little resistance”, there’s a glitch which enables you to collect a ray gun right at the start. On the beach, you simply have to walk through 4 craters, and then wait for a few seconds until these dogs pop up out of the ground with a ray gun each in their mouth. You then go over to them and collect it.


3 weapon glitch in Nazi zombies

In the Nazi zombie map “Der Riese”, there’s a way off getting 3 weapons. This can be done at the pack-a-punch machine. You must have bouncing betties. You go to the machine, upgrade a gun, then sprint to the Kar98K, (about 20 metres behind you) purchase it, run back to the machine, get your bouncing betties out, and then collect the upgraded weapon. After that, you should have 3 guns.


pile up glitch

the god mode glitch works only on ”five” from the blackops zombies map. what you do is you open the 2 doors at the beginning. then you buy the mp7. then crouch under it and let a zombie get you down with quick revive on. then when you get back up you buy the elevator barrier then buy the elevator down. then you crouch in the left corner beside the elevator. then the zombies will pile up in front of you. and that is the pile up glitch


Black Ops Zombies, Drop on Head Glitch

der rise you know that room next to where the myestry box starts at go in there have 1 guy go in that little area in there.the area im talking about is that tunnelish area in that big building.then half a other guy go in the one little area before the building.and half the other guy go in corner in the tunnel area far right. then half the one guy before the building drop on the other guys head then crouch then the zombies cant get you. dont move left joy stick . does not work on 2 players


Black Ops Hack-Unlock All Maps Glitch


Text Tutorial:

  1. Go to the main menu in Black Ops
  2. Look at your hands and break out of the straps by pressing RT and LT repeatedly (R2 & L2 for PS3)
  3. Walk over to the computer
  4. Hold X(Square) to access it
  5. Enter code “3ARC Unlock”
  6. It will say Cheat Enabled if done correctly
  7. Return to your seat
  8. You should get some new maps!

Call of Duty Black Ops; One In The Chamber Life Glitch.

this is a glitch to change your lives in one in the chamber. what you do is go to a Private match, and set up a game for one in the chamber, set the lives to what you want. like 5, 5 is good. play a game, and then switch it to online, and you have to have your own lobby, and be the host. i have had it work every time.

sorry if it’s already found, i couldn’t find it any where