This glitch and tutorial will allow you to Mod Black Ops zombies and get special features and modes in offline mode. (Will get patched soon, so take advantage!) NO JTAG REQUIRED!

1. take USB stick and copy ur profile onto it via xbox
2. plug it into pc and load up usb explorer
3. find your profile and extract it to desktop
4. open modio and drag profile into it
5. go to file contents and right click the black ops gpd (ending in 855)
6. click replace file and browse for the modded one
7. rehash and resign
8. delete the old profile off usb and replace it with new modded one
9. exit out of programmes and plug usb back into xbox
10. load up the profile and go to zombies
11. enjoy the mods menu is as follows:

This is now patched on multiplayer but works perfectly fine offline in solo mode.

According to people this is patched online but still works offline on solo so get to it 😀

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clicking back activates all mods…
to get triple tap you must but doube tap root beer 😀

Modded File –
Usb Explorer:

{back button}
god mode
unlimited ammo
really big clips
insta reload with slight of hand
triple tap
far revive
fast run
auto m16/g11
box is unmovable
unlimited sprint

noclip toggle on/off

{dpad up}
This is for Kino!
Thunder gun and upgraded pistols

{dpad down}
This is for Five!
Give weapon frost gun and ray gun upgraded

{dpad left}
Change map to “Kino der toten”

{dpad right}
Change map to “five”
This tutorial is meant to be shown for educational purposes only. is not responsible for any damage or bad things that may happen to your xbox 360, computer, profile, or anything.
Glitch by: TheTutorialDemon at