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Need for Speed Rivals

You have to go on the “interceptor” mission and initiate it. Once you’re there, turn around to the petrol station. Once you’re there, you can just keep driving through and repairing your car. You’ll want to use mines or shockwaves to keep destroying cop cars and eventually you’ll get up to level 10, then you’ll have a massive multiply which will give you loads and loads of money. After about 30 minutes, you should have the 25000. After this, you can quickly escape to your local hideout which is only like 30 seconds away.


Call of Duty – Ghosts, out of mission “End of the line”

You’ll need to kill a few people initially order to get some time and space to your starting point. Don’t go too far into the mission, though, as you could get a checkpoint and then die, therefore you couldn’t go back to this point. Go to the same place as the guy on the video and follow his footsteps. Remember to take it slowly. Don’t fall down to your left, or else you will hit a death barrier. If you fail, keep trying! All the best.