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Make Xbox 360 and PS3 Lag Switch FREE Computer Easy

This mod is for informational purposes only. Perform at your own risk.

Download Net Tools 5:


Written Tutorial:

1. Download and Install Net Tools 5

2. Open Net Tools 5 and go to START –> NETWORK TOOLS –> UDP FLOODER (You might have to scroll down a little to find UDP Flooder)

3. Erase all of the numbers in the first line and instead type

4. Copy the word data and paste it back in there about 300 times. The best way to do this is hit CTRL+C to copy and then hold  CTRL+V for about 30 seconds

5. Drag the speed bar to 10

6. Get into an Xbox LIVE game or PS3 online game and hit the “START” button on Net Tools to start the lag





New Modern Warfare 3 Glitch- Out of Map Village

Written Tutorial:

  1. Set up a new Infected match with a friend or two.
  2. Get a care package next to the cave in the video.
  3. Get a friend on the opposite side of the care package with his back facing cave.
  4. Lunge toward your friend and at the cave quickly to sky jump on top of the cave.
  5. (This part optional) Put a tactical insertion to save your progress thus far.
  6. Jump in between buildings as shown in video.
  7. Crouch out of map!

The New Playstation Move!!!!

Many of you may know about the exciting new PS3, the Playstation Move! This new Playstation is not a system on it’s own. It’s more of an attachment to the Playstation 3. This new way of gaming changes everything about the PS3, and is made possible by the new Wii-like controllers, and a camera, similar to the older Playstation 2 camera.

As you can see above, the new Playstation Move is similar to the Wii, except it has many things the Wii was never capable of doing. The new Playstation Move is going to have revolutionary graphics, and everything else the Playstation 3 had that the Wii didn’t. However, one new thing that might, and I mean MIGHT be better than the new Playstation, is Kinect, from Microsoft. Like Kinect, Playstation Move has only a few games compatible with the new controllers, but will probably have more in the near future. To see more info on the new Playstation Move, click HERE. And don’t worry, even with the new Playstation, there will still be glitches, and those glitches will continue to be here, at www.gamerglitches.com